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Hoffman 5E1/5F1 Tweed Champ T1 T2 J3 R2 68k R3 68k R1 1m HI-1 LO-2 J1 – 2 + R8 1.5k R7 100k 7 6 8 V1-B C3.022uf C R9 20k R10 1.5k R 1 470/5w C4 2uf V2 B R12 470/3w R13 22k 8 5 3 4 + SPST Switch on back of Volume Pot C1 2uf O n / O f f S w i t c h 5E1 R14 is replaced by 125C3A choke on 5E1 T3. Nov 13, 2015 · I had my 5F1 clone set up with the 5F2-A tone circuit (the same tone circuit as in a 5E3) for a while but removed it and installed a small- 80pF- treble bypass cap on the volume control for simplicity. Otherwise, I find the circuit to be too dark until it's cranked. I'd prefer a champ with two 10" speakers over a 12..

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